Fist Up Film Fest 2022

In collaboration with La Peña Cultural Center, the Life Is Living Festival, Quiet and New Parkway Theater



We have believed this for over a decade

For the 13th year running, the Fist Up Film Festival is excited to once again invite you to view documentary films that help us understand some of the most pressing issues facing our communities both locally and globally.

Join us FREE of charge – for thought providing documentaries and discussions as we reimagine a more just and equitable future through film.


1) Oct 6th, Oct 9th and Oct 13th @ La Peña Cultural Center.
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2) Oct 13th and Oct 16th @ The New Parkway Theater.
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3) Share. Build community with a watch party, share with your folks, etc.


Saturday, October 8


Inspired by themes celebrated by the Life is Living Festival, this short film program recognizes that our arts practices must echo and sustain the lives of the communities we engage.

Daughter of the Sea 19min (Borikén)

After the death of her grandfather, a young woman experiences a spiritual awakening when she is called by Yemaya, the orisha Goddess of the Sea.
Directed by Alexis Garcia

Fire and Flowers 9min (India)

Vedi Vazhipadu (Fire Cracks) is a holy offering made regularly at Malanada Temple. Sreemathy Amma is currently the only female doing this job. She started exploring her love for flowers and created a garden right behind the bandolier.
Directed by Benny Aynick, Abhijith Suresh

Urubá 15min (Brazil)

The spirit world around you takes place much more through the third eye than through the physical ones. To Luiz’s eyes, that which is invisible is not invisible thanks to his spiritual sensitivity.
Directed by Rodrigo Sena

The Game God(S) 19min (Oakland / Bay Area)
shows 4 characters: Martina, Frank, Brianna and Craig. They share their experiences as the Goddess of the Crossroads pushes us between the then and the now, connecting The Game God, The Game and Capitalism to the Blackness.
Directed by Adrian L. Burrell

Two Rivers – Cocoa and Freedom 10min (Brazil)

The villagers of the Dois Riachões settlement lived in a situation analogous to slavery, but today they have managed to conquer the land and their freedom through cocoa production. In 2021 the community launched its own brand of chocolate.
Directed by Fellipe Abreu, Patrícia Moll

Aparecides 15min (Chile)
A young Thai singer performs old Hollywood classics in an exclusive lounge in Santiago, Chile. Confronted by a massive popular uprising in the streets, she is forced to make a choice: escape like the elites she performs for or stay and sing a new song.
Directed by Yvan Iturriaga

Qenawy 5min (Egypt)
Abdel Elsabour, who hasn’t completed his 20 years yet lives in Upper Egypt, Isolated from the city, trying to create some shots “ Al-Marmah ” shows the celebration that takes place in Upper Egypt every year, with horses dancing and jousting, and he lives in a struggle between his village mores and the cultural openness of his generation.
Directed by Marwan Tarek

Black Man Black Masterpiece 4min (San Diego, CA)
This is for BLACK MEN. This is for the elevation of BLACK MEN; for the HEALING of BLACK MEN; for the REBIRTH of BLACK KINGS. BLACK MEN, know that Millions stand w/you. We are your Allies, not your Enemies. You are Loved, Valued & Worthy of Living & Fulfilling your Life’s Destiny.
Directed by Ishé


Sunday, October 9


Powerlands 75min (Colombia, Standing Rock, Mexico, and The Philippines)
A young Navajo woman investigates displacement of Indigenous people in several countries, and devastation of the environment, caused by the same chemical companies that have exploited the land where she was born. On this personal and political journey she learns from Indigenous activists across three continents.
Directed by Ivey-Camille Manybeads Tso


*Recommended. Monday, October 10


Alcatraz Sunrise Ceremony (Alcatraz Pier 33 Ferry Terminal. First Sail, 5AM. Last Sail, 5:45AM)
The ceremony honors the occupation of Alcatraz by Indians of All Tribes in 1969-1971, which amplified attention on the discrimination, land rights and living conditions of Indians in the United States on a day dedicated to celebrating the arrival of Europeans. For some, Alcatraz Indigenous People’s Day has special spiritual significance as a celebration of having personal relationship with nature. The event is open to anyone who wants to come.
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Thursday, October 13


After Sherman 87min (Coastal South Carolina)
Beautifully layered and expressionistic, AFTER SHERMAN is a story about inheritance and the tension that defines our collective American history, especially Black history. The director’s exploration of coastal South Carolina as a site of African American pride and racial trauma through Gullah cultural retention and land preservation is interrupted by the shootings at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.
Directed by Jon Sesrie-Goff


Thursday, October 13

8PM-10PM @ The New Parkway

Death of My Two Fathers 86min (Canada, USA)
After putting it off for twenty years, filmmaker Sol Guy finally confronts the six tapes his father recorded before dying. Using those tapes as a framework, Guy recounts his family’s story-and his own-for his two teenage kids.

The Death of My Two Fathers is a courageous exploration of identity, fatherhood, life, and death. The film unpacks the meaning of family, explores race, and how we must all face where we come from for the sake of those who come after us.

By offering the film as a resource to actively engage with communities, our hope is to inspire people to live intentionally, face hard things, and be inspired to use creativity and conversation as a means for healing and honoring loved ones.
Directed by Sol Guy


Sunday, October 16

12PM-2PM @ The New Parkway

WE STILL HERE / NOS TENEMOS 54min (Puerto Rico)
In response to the government’s disregard and poor relief management during Hurricane Maria, young residents from Comerio, Puerto Rico activate themselves by taking control and transforming not only their lives but their community.
Directed by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi